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Translations and Transcriptions of Nordic Folk Legends and Chronicles

All the source texts are in the public domain internationally, and their copyrights have expired. My translations, articles, and graphics -- if not otherwise stated -- however belong to me.

ø  The Voyages of Ohthere of Hålogaland and Wulfstan of Hedeby

    Ohthere's journey to Bjarmaland and Wulfstan's to Esthonia
    in the ninth century AD. Additional maps and commentary

ø  Mikael Agricola's List of Finnish Heathen Gods   new

    A short list of Finnish heathen gods from the 16th century.
    Original text included with a comparison to modern Finnish
    besides the English translation.

ø  Scondia Illustrata Part X by Johannes Messenius
    The Chronicle of the Northern Wends:
    the Finns, the Livonians, and the Curlanders

      Chapter I.
      Chapter II: A.p.o.d. CLVI -- 500 AD

More to come.

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