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(This section is still largely under construction.)

Finnish Prehistory, Archaeology, and Nature

I have hiking as an active hobby. However, to make it more interesting, I've taken to visiting local prehistoric sites alongside which are in any case copious in the Southern Finland. Since it's a habit of mine to photograph every mossy rock I come across, and the picture and textual material concerning Finland's prehistory is lamentably meager on the Internet, I've decided to build this section for informational purposes.

The photos are of varying quality, since the weather conditions have not always been optimal, et cetera. However, they should at least give an idea as of what the various places are all about. Explanations and map links have also been provided.

Do not alter or use commercially the photos without permission. If you use them in an educational fashion somewhere, please cite this page (it also would be nice if permission were asked first). Hotlinking is prohibited. These pages are for educational purposes only.

General Information

I haven't yet had time to write articles of my own on these, but the Wikipedia links below ought to give at least an overview on Nordic prehistory timelines and some terminology to those without general knowledge on Finno-Scandinavian history.

Nordic Bronze Age

Pre-Roman Iron Age

Roman Iron Age

Germanic Iron Age


Definition of Hill Fort
(Specifically, see the subsection about Scandinavia and Russia.)

Definition of Barrow


Prehistoric Sites

Photos and reports from my travels.


The Hill Fort of Kauttua   new
Kauttuan Linnavuori

Käräjämäki-Osmanmäki   new, in progress

  1. Chieftain's Grave
      Päällikön hauta

eura (6K)



Linnamäki, the Hill Fort of Rikala
Rikalan Linnamäen linnavuori

halikko (5K)



The Barrows of Keetterinmäki
Keetterinmäen pronssikautiset kiukaat

The Burial Site of Vanha Ravattulantie
Vanhan Ravattulantien rautakautiset hautarauniot

The Settlement and Burial Site of Muikunvuori
Muikunvuoren kivi- ja rautakautinen asuin- ja kalmistoalue

kaarina (4K)



The Barrows of Sepänmäki
Sepänmäen pronssikautiset hiidenkiukaat

The Grave of Pienisuo
Pienisuon hautaraunio

Kuninkaanhauta   new

kiukainen (4K)



The Barrow of Myllymäki
Myllymäen koulun pronssikautinen hautaraunio

laitila (5K)



The Barrows of Ylinen Hauta   new
Ylisen Haudan pronssikautiset hiidenkiukaat

lappi (5K)



The Barrow of Kotokallio
Kotokallion pronssikautinen hiidenkiuas

The Pre-Christian Burial Grounds of Ristinpelto
Ristinpellon myöhäisrautakautinen ja esikristillinen ruumiskalmisto



The Hill Fort of Kajamo   new
Kajamon linnavuori



The Barrow of Kivilänmäki   new
Kivilänmäen hiidenkiuas

The Hill Fort of Nakolinna   new
Nakolinnanmäen linnavuori

paimio (6K)



The Barrow of Pohtionvuori
Pohtionvuoren pronssikautinen hiidenkiuas

The Barrow of Yli-Katari   new
Yli-Katarin pronssikautinen hiidenkiuas

The Hill Fort of Kipervuori
Kipervuoren linnavuori

The Iron-Age Burial and Residential Area of Koskenhaka, Runko
Rungon Koskenhaan rautakautinen kalmistoalue ja asuinpaikka

piikkio (4K)



Mysterious Runestones in the Raisio Church   new
Contains discussion about the existence of runestones generally in Finland.
The article will likely be expanded into its own section after I have read a couple of books.

Raision kirkon arvoitukselliset riimukivet ja keskustelua Suomen riimukivistä



Iron-Age Mounds by the Railway
Radan vierusmäen rautakautiset hautakummut

The Mounds of Komonen   new
Komosen rautakautiset hautakummut

Stone Altars of Virnamäki
Virnamäen kuppikivet

turku (7K)

Sources for the Coats of Arms