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Commission Info, Updated 04-2009

If you're interested in commissioning me, email me to engineerjess AT yahoo DOT com, or send me a note on DeviantArt.

These prices pertain to my usual style; cartoony and very simplistic designs will have to be decided separately. At the moment I do only digital drawing.

--Uncolored lineart 20-40€/character, includes usually a simple background
--More complicated backgrounds (buildings, perspective shots, detailed nature) 10€-100€ (or more)
--Simple uncolored head or half-bodyshots 10-15€/character
--Color 15-100€; depends on the amount of detail and texture
--Digipaintings start from 40€; every case will be separately priced depending on the amount of work hours

Converting euros to dollars: multiply the basic price given in euros with 1.3. Example: 1.3*50€=65$.

How do I work: I will send you a rough sketch via email before I start cleaning it up. If the work will be colored later on, you will also see the lineart and 1-2 color drafts. Within the basic price, I will do 2-3 minor corrections upon request (not on each stage but together). I retain the right to display the piece of work in my gallery. I will not sell it onwards as prints or equal.

What I will draw: more or less realistic human and humanoid characters (elves, trolls, dwarves, orcs, skeletons...), humanoid anthro (I may need references, though), landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, technology, interior spaces, etc. Animals are a bit of a weak spot for me, but if I get good enough references, I may well be able to do those. Nudity is ok as long as it's of the non-sexual classic type, does not concentrate on overly suggestive poses, and the characters are and look over 18 years old. If you don't know what I mean, here are some examples:
--Michelangelo's David
--Botticelli's Venus
--Väinämöinen and Aino

What I will not draw: porn, excessive gore, shota, loli, slash, incest, inflation or other fetishes, and racial/religious/political hate themes, and anything I forgot to mention in this list. I also retain the right to refuse a commission on an individual basis.

What about anime? Anime is popular, aye. But I find the generic style so boring (yes, I've tried it) that I'm not going to work with it exactly as it stands. Anime character commissions are fine, but the style requested should border for example that of Hellsing OVA and/or Western cartoons.

Receiving the finished work: You will receive a high-resolution copy of the image electronically or a burned on CD via snail-mail (negotiable) against a small extra fee.

Other services: Also taking commissions on CD covers, digital coloring of b/w linearts, website layout designs, comics, and other graphical projects depending on the case. Digital photography commissions are possible on a certain level (individually negotiable). Also offering proofreading services for technical-type documents and essays in English and Finnish. If you are a student working on a technical thesis, but English isn't your strongest point, this might be just the thing for you.


--Paypal (ask for the address)

I accept both euros and dollars.